About Our Company

LogicBoost has provided Agile development and training to the information technology industry in Washington DC since 1996. Our core focus as a team is to offer high quality software development services with a constant emphasis on process improvement and visibility. We lead the field of Microsoft .NET-based Agile development using Test Driven Development (TDD) and other lean techniques to deliver reliable code and satisfy the needs of our clients.

The LogicBoost edge is our full service solutions for your Agile software development project. Our experienced team can help satisfy your needs for Agile related training, hands on mentoring and programming support. The LogicBoost solution starts at the most basic level by providing Agile training to introduce your team to core concepts and development techniques. Next comes face to face pair coaching by a senior Agile developer, reinforcing lessons learned, helpful tools and best practices.

For all those teams already implementing Agile we can help you too! Our team of leading programmers can jump into your team as an added boost to get things done or provide additional expertise to your software development project.