Case Study

Agile Implementation with LogicBoost

LogicBoost was asked by a DC area software company to help satisfy the demand for a specialty professional services' project for the company's core product line. Our client was struggling to balance the increase in requests for specific features on its core product line and the need to keep staff focused on an upcoming new product release.

The professional services project could generate much needed additional income, but existing customers were expecting the new product release. As an Agile team of highly skilled .NET developers, LogicBoost was able to incrementally deliver new pieces of functionality, in a highly visible process, on time and within budget.

Quality was a significant driver for this project, and LogicBoost implemented several quality focused Agile techniques such as Test Driven Development, Pair Programming and retrospective meetings to reduce defects and bug counts. LogicBoost was able to deliver the additional features within three months; our client generated increased income and is still offering the solution to their customers three years after the initial release.