Agile Adoption

Agile Leadership / Coaching

Agile training works best in a face-to-face environment. Our Agile coaches will provide your software team with world class Agile training to bring about ongoing incremental improvements in how things are done in your organization.

These improvements are not scary, disruptive or drastic in nature, but add up to significant gains for your organization.

Professional Agile coaching ensures your team will learn Agile programming at the highest possible level. Here are some of the Agile techniques they’ll learn:

  • Retrospective meetings
  • Continuous integration
  • Unit testing / test harnesses
  • TDD—Test Driven Development
  • Effective source code control
  • Pair programming

We will quickly bring your team up to speed on effective tools and best practices, and help them learn Agile in a supportive environment.

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